Hello and welcome to my website, FruitTeacher.com.
After many years of planning and preparation, and lots of hard work, I am now one of the founders and owners of a new organic, sustainable, Fruit Farm and Eco-Village in SE Ecuador.
The place is called Fruit Haven Eco-Village, and we are just gettung started, although we are already producing lots of excellent Oritos and other quality organic Bananas.  And our papayas will be fruiting in large quantities soon.
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The more exciting and exotic fruit trees, like Durian, Jackfruit, Rollinia, Marang, Sapote, and many others., won't be producing for a few more years, and some will take five or seven more years.
But eventually this place is going to be amazing. No question about it.
I am rather new to farming and the entire planring and growing process, but I am learning fast.
My friends and co-owners are experienced growers and horticulturalists with permaculture knowledge as well, and they have already planted hundreds of fruit trees on the farm lands, practiucing sustainable methods.
More trees are being planted every week. And even more trees are being grown from high quality seeds right here in our own small nursery and at another farm nearby.
~ MALCOLM  HATHORNE ~  Fruit Haven Eco-Village
This is what a ripe Durian looks like. 
We should begin harvesting our own Durians  sometime around 2021, I believe.
As a community of owners, volunteers and residents, one thing we are in total agreement on is we are all vegan (we consume no animal foods), and we all believe the Raw Vegan diet is the most healthy and natural diet for human beings. Some of us prefer to not always eat an exclusivly raw diet. Some are of the "Raw til Four" idealogy.
And also, we are all Frugivores. We believe Fruit is the most important and essential food for mankind.  Not just for our physical health, but for the health of the environment and for the entire eco system of the planet.
These things we have agreed upon are actually written into the contract we all signed to begin the legally binding process of co-owning this large farm.
I am proud to say I am one of the Five Original Founders of this place, Fruit Haven, and I am also an owner of property at the neighboring farm, Fruit Haven 2.
Overall, the Fruit Haven system contains about 120 hectares of land, which is roughly 300+ acres.
And plans are in the works to begin another possible group-buy of the neighboring farmland, which is as big as the other two fars combined. This will of course be called Fruit Haven 3 (see information on facebook).

We are turning Fruit Haven Eco-Village into an outstanding example of what can be done all over the world.
We are reclaiming former pasture land and planting a rather massive fruit forest and horticultural enterprise, which will take many years to truly mature, but the results are already considerable.
We are focusing on creating designs and systems especially made to accomodate Low Fat Frugivores and Raw Vegans, as well as those who wish to incude some cooked vegetables in their diets.
And this will also be a place for others to come visit and learn about the raw vegan diet, and how to grow their own organic fruits & vegtables. Others will come here to detox and heal themselves through natural methods.
I have been working hard to build the infrastucture this place will need to meet the future needs of a lot of people.  And I see the big things for our farm and community.

I will be building and designing my own small farm on one of my properties here, and I will probably help establish a healing center at some point as well.
Besides my many years' experience living and teaching the low fat frugivore, raw vegan diet, I am also certified by Dr. Robert Morse, one of the most accomplished and respected natural healers in the world. (See the info and links at the bottom of this page for consultation information).
  Malcolm Hathorne ~ 2017 
  Fruit Haven Eco-Village, Ecuador 
Fruit Haven Eco-Village
Chuchumbleza, Ecuador
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By the way, this is my personal website and sometimes I cover many subjects that go beyond diet, health and farming... So the views and opinions I express here are generally my own, and are not necessarily those of anyone else at Fruit Haven.   (Fruit Haven has its own independent web site, FruitHavenEcoVillage.com.)
Regardless, we are all very much together here in our overall belief in sustainable, natural, organic farming, and we are connected also by our mutual belief in a Fruit-Based, Vegan Diet as the best and most natural diet of mankind. 
We are in fact building communities contractually based on these natural lifestyle principles.
I will be posting more photos and updates about Fruit Haven, so please check back often.

For more information or to start a consultation with me via email or skype, please send me an email describing your circumstances and what you would like to accomplish via detoxification and diet change.  I am also an accredited astrologer and spmetimes use that in my work, if desired.
I am providing a link where the actual process, including payments, can be initiated.  You can purchase an hour of my consultation time for a set price. You will pay in advance and we will set up an appointment, either by skype, or email or telephone, or possibly in person if you are nearby..
Again, please first send me an email and tell me about your situation and we will discuss details...
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