April, 2017 -
Right now the biggest thing happening is I am moving to Ecuador. I have purchased some acreage at a new Fruit Farm & Eco-Village  in SE Ecuador with some friends.

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I am very proud to be one of the founding members of Fruit Haven Eco-Village.  I am one of the co-owners with some other Vegan Frugivores.
The place has been operational for about a year, and just recently we group-purchased the adjoing 30 hectares, all along the Zamora River, in Moreno-Santiago province, near Chuchumbleza, Ecuador.
It will be a while until the fruit trees really begin to produce, but we have been planting a lot of new trees, and gradually the place will be a massive garden of luscious fruit trees.
One of the main fruit trees we are planting are Durians. These are very highly loved among serious frugivores, worldwide.  We are also planting lots of Jackfruit, Rollinia, Ice Cream Beans, Papayas, Bananas, Plantains, Pineapples, Mamey Sapote, Chocolate Sapote, Marang, and many other exotic and delicious varieties of fruits.

Terra Frutis was the first of the two farms to get started. That was  about 2 and a half years ago, in 2014, I believe. This place (TerraFrutis.com) has become quite popular  among vegans and raw vegans and frugivores around the world.
Many of the fruit trees on Terra Frutis are already bearing fruits, such as some awesome Rollinias that began fruiting just recently, I am told.
I met Peter Csere and Jason Kvestad online, on facebook, in 2015 and I became very interested in their ideas about buying land in Ecuador and turning it into a fruit farm and Eco-Village.
I went to Ecuador in March of 2016 to check out the property and I stayed at Terra Frutis for about two months. Before I left I bought (along several other frugivores) a section of some land that would later become Fruit Haven, Fruit Farm & Eco Village. 
One area of Fruit Haven where one of my little properties is located already contains many productive Cacao Trees, as well as Plantains.
A full-time, live-in local worker lives at the farm, and he harvests and sells the cacao and plantains, as an employee of the farm.
The farm is also helped by volunteers who come form all over the world, to live in the tropics, exchange work for a place to stay and learn about fruit farming, permaculture and sustainable living.

Below is a photo we took last year when I first visited Terra Frutis. The photo shows me on the left, Jason in the center and Peter on the far right. We are standing alongside the Zamora River on the "beach" at Terra Frutis farm.  I am on the left, Jason is in the center and Peter is on the right.
Jason and Peter are two of the most brilliant and decicated examples anywhere of what we need to be doing in order to heal this planet and its people.
It is all about what we eat, what kind of food we grow, and how we grow it. 
And these guys are becoming more proficient at the entire growing process all the time. Their knoiwlege of plants and varietioeas of trees and growing procedures is extremely impressiove.
I will be learning a LOT from these two guys. I already have.
At both Fruit Haven and Terra Frutis, we are in essence reclaiming some of the Amazon rain forest. Much of the primary forests, in the area where our farms are, were cut down decades ago to make room for cattle ranching, or soy bean crops to feed the cattle. So most of what remains in this part of Ecuador are secondary forests and trees.
We will be changing the look of the land as our trees mature.
I understand Durians take about seven years to mature and produce. Some other fruits produce much quicker, such as papaya, which can produce well in a year and a half.
One of my first goals is to build some kind of livable structure on my property. I expect I might be staying there from time to time, periodically, planting trees and whatever.  Initially I might construct a simple platform, possibly with a roof, for rough camping, although there is an existing house, which is somewhat crude but quite solid and livable. A few people stay there permanently and sometimes volunteers will sleep there.
Although I will spend a lot of time at the farm, I will most likely settle down sometimes as well, most likely in either Vilcabamba or Cuenca, where I will start working to complete some new books and ebooks, and possibly some videos.
And I may travel to other parts of Ecuador, such as along the Pacific Coast.
There is much more to my own personal story, and I will try and explain some of that another time.
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April, 2017
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