Here is where I will be adding some photos about my life growing up in the USA.
I will be updating this gradually. I will start with a few and add to them as I find time.
These are my mother's grandparents (her father's parents, or my great grandparents).  I have forgotten the lady's name at the moment, but the husband is William Neville Greene. This was their wedding day in 1877.
This is me at the age of 4, I believe. The photo was taken at a studio in downtown Troy, New York, where I lived with my family.
With my brother Bryan. (Bryan on left). This is about 1960 or 1961 I think. We both played on the same little league baseball team, Herman's Hot Dogs. I loved baseball! It was my life, it seems, growing up. I was fortunate to have older brothers with whom I played the game a lot.
This is me sometime around the age of 15 maybe. I was playing on the junior varsity basketball team at the time. This photo was taken by my brother Jim, just after the game as I was going to the locker room at Penn-Trafford High School.
These are my father's grandparents (his mother's parents), A.T. Von Nostrand and Rachel Ann Todd. I don't remember the year right now. I will add it later.