Dr. Morse's system of detoxification is right in line with all the ancient natural traditions regarding fruit and fasting and natural diet.  He has helped so many people it is amazing.
The testimonials from people who have followed this fruit diet and fasting protocol are really powerful.  You may see some of these at the following website,  RawFigs.com . There is a lot of great information there and there are several stories of people who have made amazing transformations.
In fact, I have personally known many people who have revcovered from all types of major diseases, after their allopathic doctors had told them there was no hope. I have many friends right now in fact, with incredible stories of healing and transformation, all due to their embracing the raw vegan frugivore lifestyle.
And besides changing their daily eating habits towards a Low Fat Frugivore, Vegan Diet, many of these folks have also done a lot of detoxing, via fruit juices or water or other types of detox mehtods.
I do in fact have a huge load of friends worldwide, mostly on facebook, who are seriously involved with this diet and lifestyle, and they LIVE IT every day, 24/7/365.
Many of these friends go back to my days on the internet discussion forums, like 30BananasADay, Dr Doug Graham on Vegsource, and a few others.  A lot og therm  have met through my connection with Dr. Robert Morse. And many more I have gained in the last five years on Facebook.
So at thisd point, I have a HUGE Brain Trust of Frugivore Vegans to call upon and communicate with. It is a great, worldwide community and I am SO thankful for these people.
For now though, let me present you with some images of books I am recommending to you.
I will contiinue with my dialogue below...
I am certified by Dr. Robert Morse, ND, as a Detoxification Specialist.  The photos below are as follows - Photo on the Left, Dr. Robert Morse doing one of his Youtube videos. Right: At the Level Two Certification Class. I am at the far right.
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Everything on this website is for educational purposes only.
Nothing here is intended to diagnose, cure, prescribe or treat diseases.
Regardless, after all of these years I have learned a great deal about how to help people to help themselves, through natural methods.
I am an EDUCATOR, and a consultant. YOU are the one that does the work. And from what I have seen with my own eyes, you can make a great move forward and even transform yourself, and it is easier than you might imagine. Once you have gained an understanding of this lifestyle and becopme accustom to how to navigate within it, you will not want to live any other way.
For some people it is just to be the best athlete they can be, or to maintain a healthy weight. But for others, it can be the difference betwqeen life and death, or at least difficult physical suffering or glowing health.
I am only telling you what I have seen.
I am the Teacher. The Fruit Teacher.
If I can help you or if you would like some coaching or a consultation, please send me an EMAIL. Tell me what is going on and what you would like to accomplish. We will arrive at a price for the consultation, and if you want it by phone or skype or email or what.  And then you can come back to this page and pay via the PayPal Button.
Anyway, as I said, I am a certified Detoxification Specialist, through Dr. Robert Morse, ND, and I have been in the field of diet & health & healing for many years.
I have personally eaten a 100% Vegan Diet for over thirty years. That means I have not eaten any meat or fish or chicken or eggs or dairy or anything that came from an animal.
I am what you call a Raw Vegan, because I tend to eat only Raw Fruits, Greens & plant based  fats like avocados or raw nuts or seeds.
Knowledge of this diet & lifestyle has definitely saved my life, or at least allowed me to live a quality life, and it has given me great hope for the future as well. 
My story is briefly that the frugivore diet helped me recover from alcoholism. When I gave up alcohol almost 35 years ago, it was my belief and faith in this Frugivore Diet that gave me hope and direction. And when I gave up the alcohol, I developed a weight problem for the first time oin my life. I jhad to become proficint at practicing this Raw Vegan, Low Fat Frugivore Diet. And I have worked at it for many years. The last ten years especially. The better I do it, the better I feel.  I definitely have far more energy with this lifestyle, and my thoughts are clearer.  You could say I have become addicted to this diet & lifestyle.
But we don't like to think of it as a "diet," because it is something you natrally do. You don't restrict yourself, you don't restrict calories or anything. So it is not that kind of diet.
The only thing you really restrict is WHAT you eat.  You can basically eat as MUCH as you want.  And once you know what is on the menu, you become very good at enjoying the best food you have ever had in your life!
Fresh Fruits, Greens & Vegatables are the staple foods of a truly natural human diet.
It is true! People who are into the Frugivore Vegan Diet are very enthused about their food. Once you become accustomed to it and your senses are cleared and your addictions to salt, oils, grains and other foods have subsided, you develop a HUNGER for these healthier, natural foods!  You soon realize that fresh, ripe FRUIT really IS the number one food for human beings.
So I was saying how Frugivore Vegans are the best people in the world, and they also feel better about their diet, spiritually.
Because they know they are doing what is RIGHT for themselves, for their families, for humanity, for the Animals and for the Earth. 
So there is a higher level of spiritual awarenes and appreciation of the oneness of all life with this diet. A connection with the life force. It involves a natural synastry mankind has with the Earth and with all other animals. Because when we eat this natural way, we are then living examples and we are in tandem with all. It is just a better way to live. It is the BEST way to live.
So, after many years of practicing this diet myself, I am very well qualified to show you how to eat this way, yourself, 24/7/365.
Regardless, there are a lot of people suffering in this world, and most of them are suffering needlessly.   Merely your current diet to one closer to this natural diet, can make a BIG difference. You don't even need to be perfect. Just make some important and simple,changes.
I can show you how.
And for those unfortunate enough to be facing serious health issues due to your current diet and lifestyle, such as those who have been diagnosed with various diseases, I can tell you, I have seen many people and talked to them, who have turned their lives and their health around by losing weight, even 100-200 pounds, or recovering from serious conditions such as MS, Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid Tumors, you name it.
I am an educator. I Teach you how to eat and how to Detox. You are the one that makes the decisions and really does the work. I can guide you and teach you and coach you!
For really serious conditions, a serious DETOX is called for. And this is where I can also help you and guide you.
I am familiar with all the best methods for doing a quality and effective detoxification process.
For more information, it is best to just email me.  Email is most convenient for me at first. Tell me what is going on, what you havbe domne about it, how you are feeling, how and what you eat. Give me a report on everything and I will get back with you soon. I check my email several times a day.
If we decide to do a Consultation, we can do it by skype or phone or email.

Malcolm Hathorne
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