I am proud to have been in the company of some great People, some great Teachers, and some great Healers in my time. But perhaps the greatest is Dr. Robert Morse, a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) who has help many hundreds of people heal themselves from diseases otherwise thought incurable by modern allopathic medical science.
And he has done it through natural, simple methods, using no drugs or surgeries (except in rare cases).
Dr. Robert Morse, ND
ISOD Certification, Port Charlotte, FL
(Malcolm at far right).
It is all about diet. What we put in our bodies.
And it is about DETOXIFICATION. It is about allowing your body to truly clean itself by taking some serious measures.  Various forms of fasting and exclusive fruit or fruit juice diets are extremely effective for this purpose.
I am knowledgeable in these methods of diet and detoxification, and I am certified through Doctor Morse for this purpose. 
My own experience in this field of Diet & Health goes back many years.
And from my experience, I would strongly suggest you read some or all of the following books.
To educate yourself properly is your greatest goal and ally.
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