I had spoken to her in the past, as well as family, about detoxification and offered all of the help I could give, yet this was what she chose and my family supported, so I had to respect that and accept it as her path and her choice, and just focus on loving her through it all. It was extremely difficult for me to go through. Like today and yesterday for example, her BP had dropped to 60s and 70s over 40s and yet they were administering her a ridiculous amount of fluids, and when I asked why they would continue giving her fluids, they proceeded to tell me that it was protocol based on what has been proven to be the best thing to do when the body is 'septic' or 'acidodic'. Whatttttttt????? At that point I just had to hold my tongue. Backing up a little...her rapid decline in health leading up to this began just one year ago, of course with the administration of chemo and radiation treatments for cancer located in her jaw. Also mind you, she is 82 years old. After a year of their hocus pocus, false hopes, and fear installations, 3 days ago they decided to start her(for the second time) on the first of what would be 8 consecutive treatments of radiation. Obviously, as you might have foresaw as I did, just that 1st treatment(of what they intended to continue 7 treatments consecutively thereafter....ugh!) was far far too much for her weakened 82 year old body, which led to complications a.k.a extreme systemic acidosis (duh!!), culminating today, her passing, after being hooked up to ventilators and every life support machine they had, unable to speak or open her eyes. If anything, through all of this, I feel a spark has been lit and I feel more motivated than ever to share what we know about our body's incredible God given healing system, and to really sharpen my skills of educating those that I can in such a simple way that they and just about anyone can understand, in order to empower them to sanely, soberly, peacefully and joyfully take their journey up the road to wellville, and completely bypass (thank God!) the hellville of a mess that we know of as our allopathic medical system. Moral of this rant?... darkness is just a void of light.... time to shine brighter!!!! Thanks you guys if you actually read this.
A sad story, all too common...... This is the state of things far too often in our world today, and it must change.......  Great Thanks to Natalie, a Facebook friend, for sharing.....    MH
Today I was at the hospital with my family saying goodbye to my Nana. It was a very difficult thing for me to witness this week being in the hospital with her, watching and feeling helpless as procedures such as radiation, and ridiculous things like massive amounts of fluids being pumped into her body after her kidneys had already failed, etc etc etc., were carried out.